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Oneperp introduces a decentralized framework for cryptocurrency derivatives, offering users enhanced transparency and trade execution security. Our platform boasts minimal marketplace fees, making onboarding seamless by integrating your decentralized finance wallet. This ushers in a high-velocity derivatives trading experience that stands out.

You can directly trade major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum from your digital wallets. Oneperp enables users to engage in spot swaps and perpetual futures with leverage of up to 100x, akin to centralized exchanges but without the custodial counterparty risk. Your funds are secured in non-custodial wallets, ensuring you retain full control.

At the protocol level, Oneperp introduces 1PERP - a native governance and utility token that brings value accrual benefits. Staking not only offers additional yield but also provides users with a share of fee revenue along with additional rewards.

Initially launched on opBNB, Oneperp is committed to offering an accessible and composable derivatives exchange.

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