Trading Options

  • Users have the choice between Long or Short positions for leveraged transactions.

  • The upper token signifies the provided security, while the lower token represents the traded asset.

  • The leverage slider lets users adjust the borrowed amount from the 1PLP pool.

  • Users can utilize Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Limit orders for precise control.


  • Oneperp prioritizes minimal price impact, enabling the execution of larger deals at the mark price.

  • Exit Price determines profits for immediately closed positions, while Entry Price reflects the token's price at trade creation.

  • Long positions open at higher prices and close at lower prices, while short positions operate inversely.

  • The chart displays the average of these two mark prices.


  • Opening or closing a position incurs a 0.04% cost based on the position size.

  • Collateral for long positions matches the token being longed, like WETH for ETH longs or BTC for BTC longs.

  • Short positions use supported stable coins like USDT as collateral.

  • Swaps during position transactions carry a standard swap cost of 0.1% to 0.4% of the collateral amount, depending on whether it increases or decreases the balance.

Execution Fee

  • A position's actions, whether opening, closing, or modifying, involve two transactions.

  • Users initiate the initial transaction, and the blockchain network processes these requests.

  • The "Execution Fee" for the second transaction, representing the network fee charged by the blockchain network, is provided in the confirmation box.

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