Q2: Research and Foundation

  • Conduct Comprehensive Research and Analysis

  • Conceptualize the Project

  • Assemble a Skilled Team

Early Q3: Development and Testing

  • Design the Platform Architecture

  • Develop Smart Contracts

  • Integrate Chainlink Price Feeds & Keepers

  • Craft User-Friendly Interfaces

  • Thoroughly Test Prototypes

Late Q3: Public Beta and Marketing

  • Build a Strong Community

  • Establish Strategic Partnerships

  • Launch an Incentivized Testnet

  • Continuously Develop and Improve

  • Ensure Security Through Audits

Q4: Mainnet Launch and Growth

  • Boost Marketing and Awareness

  • Execute the Mainnet Launch

  • $1PERP Token Sale

  • Forge Liquidity Partnerships

  • Commit to Ongoing Optimization

  • Plan for Scaling and Expansion

  • Sustain Development Efforts

2024: New Features and Multichain

  • Migrate to New Core-Contracts

  • Deploy $1PERP Token and Bridge to Multi-Chain Expansion

  • Expand Oneperp to Multiple Chains

  • Introduce Binary Options

  • Facilitate Trading into Oneperp

  • Progress on Extending Perpetual Features (Synthetics & Forex)

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