Escrowed 1PERP

Escrowed 1PERP ($es1PERP)

When you stake your valuable 1PERP (Oneperp Token), you receive an equivalent amount of escrowed 1PERP, abbreviated as $es1PERP, which holds equal worth to 1PERP. However, there's a twist – these es1PERP tokens undergo a 12-month vesting period, a gradual transformation from potential to realized value.

But what's the purpose of these es1PERP tokens? They serve a dual role:

  1. Stake for Rewards:

    • Just like your regular 1PERP tokens, you can stake es1PERP to reap the same enticing rewards.

  2. Vesting for Realization:

    • es1PERP can be converted into real 1PERP by successfully completing the vesting process within a year.

Note: Transferring es1PERP should be reserved for comprehensive account transfers.

The Vesting Process:

  • As your es1PERP tokens are in the vesting stage, a portion of your 1PERP or 1PLP tokens are set aside as reserves for es1PERP rewards.

  • The specific amount to lock varies based on your account, with limits in place to safeguard earned incentives. It's advisable not to vest es1PERP acquired from the market.

  • During the vesting period (365 days), unstaked es1PERP tokens won't earn rewards. However, rewards persist for staked tokens that are yet to fully vest.

  • The magical transformation of es1PERP into 1PERP takes place continuously, with each passing second during the vesting period.

Ultimate Flexibility:

  • The beauty of this process lies in its flexibility – you have the freedom to convert your es1PERP to 1PERP at any moment.

  • Plus, you can claim your vested 1PERP derived from es1PERP whenever you see fit.

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