Multiplier Points

At Oneperp, we believe in compounding your rewards for maximum returns, and that's where Multiplier Points come into play. Beyond the regular staking rewards, Multiplier Points can be a game-changer, supercharging your fee rewards. Here's how it all works:

1. Compounding for Higher Rewards:

  • Our "Compound" button on the Earn page is your ticket to boosting your fee rewards. By staking Multiplier Points, you can elevate your fee rewards' Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to match that of standard 1PERP tokens.

2. Unstaking and Balance:

  • To maintain a fair system for all users, when you unstake 1PERP or Escrowed 1PERP tokens, the corresponding Multiplier Points are burned.

  • Example: If you unstake 30 1PERP tokens from a total stake of 100 1PERP and have earned 50 Multiplier Points, you'll lose 15 Multiplier Points (calculated as 30 / 100 * 50).

3. Boosting Your Earnings:

  • Staking Multiplier Points contributes to your personal boost percentage, enhancing the overall APR you earn from the system fee.

  • By regularly staking your rewards and leveraging the Boost coefficient, you can enjoy progressively higher earnings.

4. The "Boost Percentage":

  • On the Earn page, you'll find your personal boost percentage, calculated by dividing the number of Multiplier Points by the total amount of 1PERP and es1PERP staked.

  • Example: If you stake 1000 1PERP and earn 19.18 Multiplier Points (MP) in a week, your Boost Percentage is calculated as 19.18 / (Total 1PERP + es1PERP).

5. Boost Coefficient and Enhanced APR:

  • After staking the received es1PERP, the Boost coefficient comes into play. It's a key factor in determining your boosted APR.

  • Example: With a current bonus system fee APR of 10%, after applying the boost factor, your APR becomes 10% + 1.914% = 10.1914%.

6. Transferring Multiplier Points:

  • Worried about losing your hard-earned Multiplier Points when making transfers? Don't be. Our "Transfer" button ensures you can move staked tokens to another account without the risk of burning those precious Multiplier Points. It's a seamless and secure feature that keeps your rewards intact.

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