Multiply Your Rewards with Oneperp's Staking Program

Staking your 1PERP (Oneperp Token) opens the door to a world of rewards, where every block brings you not one, but three enticing benefits:

1. Escrowed 1PERP (es1PERP):

  • Earn es1PERP, which holds an equivalent value to 1PERP itself, multiplying your potential gains.

2. Multiplier Points:

3. Shared System Fees:

  • Get a share of the pie – 30% of the system fees is distributed among staked 1PERP and es1PERP holders. This distribution occurs after factoring in referral rewards and network expenses.

Now, when it comes to claiming your well-deserved rewards, you have two seamless options:


  • Transfer your pending Escrowed 1PERP and Bonus prizes directly to your wallet.


  • Opt for this strategy to stake your pending rewards, further boosting your existing rewards and paving the way for exponential growth.

Should you decide to stake your Escrowed 1PERP tokens, rest assured that you retain the flexibility to unstake them at any time, with vesting as the icing on the cake. Additionally, Escrowed 1PERP is continually allocated to both staked 1PERP and the 1PLP (Oneperp Liquidity Pool) every second, ensuring a dynamic and rewarding ecosystem.

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