For seamless contract interaction, please utilize the following endpoints:

opBNB URL: (coming soon)

Tokens URL: (coming soon)

  • Retrieve a comprehensive list of tokens along with pertinent information.

  • Token value in USD: value * (10 ** 30)

  • Token values are scaled by 10 ** token.decimals.

Prices URL: (coming soon)

  • Obtain real-time token pricing data for swaps, 1PLP minting, and redeeming.

  • Prices are represented as Prices multiplied by (10 ** 30).

Actions URL: (coming soon)

  • Access a detailed list of actions encompassing swaps, changes in positions, order-related activities, and liquidations.

  • Parameters:

    • account (optional): Include the checksum address of an account if needed.

    • after (optional): Specify the ID to commence pagination after.

    • To obtain a checksum address, you can utilize resources like or the ethers library.

Volume Endpoints: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Total (coming soon)

  • Volume data categorized by action, token, and day/week.

  • Parameters:

    • after (optional): Indicate the ID to initiate pagination after.

These endpoints are designed to facilitate efficient contract interactions and data retrieval. Please make use of them as per your requirements for a seamless experience.

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